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Paddy Tipping MP has heart attack.

One Rt Hon. grasping scumfuck down, only another 600+ to go....

A Labour MP who paid back over £14,000 after being caught up in the expenses row has suffered a heart attack.

Mr Tipping has paid back more than £14,000 he claimed for mortgage interest payments on his London flat after it was disclosed he took out a larger mortgage so he could make improvements to the property.

It also understood that the former minister, 59, has suffered a double financial hit in recent days after deciding to give up a second job for which he was being paid £18,000-a-year.

Paddy also billed the taxpayers £199.98 for a vacuum cleaner, as well as a £50 cleaning bill each month so he is also charging us for someone else to push the hoover around.

He claimed for his tv license, so nice to see that an MP on £64 grand a year gets "free telly" whilst OAP's have to pay for theirs. He also has his council tax paid, after all what are expenses for if not for claiming.

On top of this he has been stuffing his face with £400 a month food allowance each month. So maybe we have a cause for the heart attack. Had he stuck to HM Govt. guidelines and had his 5 a day an cut down on the pies and brown ale, he might be even now sitting in The House fleecing the taxpayers of this fair land!
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