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Baroness Scotland - Gets a 5 grand fine.

Baroness Scotland has been a very naughty girl, the highest law officer in the land has been caught red-handed breaking a law she helped put on the statute book.

By employing an illegal immigrant without properly checking and copying her documentation, Scotland has breached the 2006 Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act. Doing so unknowingly is, the Act makes clear, no defence.

That very act quoted above was drafted by her, if anyone should have double checked and known the correct procedures for employing staff it is her.

How amusing it is to think that our highest legal adviser is now a common criminal, caught bang to rights by a law she helped to draft.

Naturally she won't resign, after all political types never do the decent thing. It is also telling that the quivering yellow bellied jelly that is our PM sees it as a sign of weakness to sack her, when in fact it is weakness to keep her in office.

5 grand that's numberwang.

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