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Its a bit late now: Fondlebum relaxes rules.

Puritan measures to be axed. Unelected Lord Fondlebum has realised that the planned crackdown by Labour, what they call "binge drinking" and the rest of us call a good night out with some friends is making them look utterly shit, and tops a list of regulations to be shelved in the latest U-turn forced on Labour by the economic downturn.

In the letter, sent to other members of a Cabinet sub-committee, Lord Mandelson wrote: “I support the approach that where measures appear without a planned implementation date — and on the assumption they are not planned for the near future — we commit to not imposing these measures until after April 2011.”

He goes on to single out the “mandatory code on alcohol” as a particular candidate for delay in the letter sent to members of the Sub Committee on Better Regulation of the National Economic Council, including Ms Harman and Alistair Darling, the Chancellor.

Well its all to late, they have taxed and regulated the pub trade till its on its knees. Over 50 pubs a week closing across this land, jobs lost and communities deprived of meeting places.

Like in Cromwell's England, Fondlebum and his socialists have imposed their joyless control and petty rules on us for 12 years. Well the time of snooping and petty regulation is nearly over, they will be voted out as will the next load of political cunts should they try to be as bad.

Fondlebum, Brown and co forgot that Cromwell - although we look back at him through rose tinted glasses - was hated by many of the common folk thanks to the puritan's rules which closed many inns and the theatres were all closed down. Most sports were banned. Boys caught playing football on a Sunday could be whipped as a punishment. Swearing was punished by a fine, though those who kept swearing could be sent to prison.

Fondlebum would have fitted in fine with them, although the homosexuality might have been a problem.

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