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A Nigerian guilty of theft, what a shock.

They really are such honest folk the Nigerians, who for some unknown reason have the numbers 419 linked to Nigeria.

Well I was shocked to read this from HM revenue and customs.
Civil servant John Brian Agdomar and an accomplice, Olanekan Omatayo Ogunmekan, are today behind bars after being caught out by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) investigators. Between them the pair fabricated more than 1,400 fictitious children, hijacked hundreds of identities and illegally claimed more than £1.2m in tax credits.

Jailed for four and a half years, 42-year old Agdomar from Hackney in East London and his accomplice, Ogunmekan, from Bethnal Green, London, were arrested by HMRC on 5 August 2008 on suspicion of a number of charges including conspiracy to commit fraud in relation to tax credits and acquiring criminal property under the proceeds of crime act 2002.

The pair had developed a scheme which saw Agdomar using his job as a civil servant at the Department for Work and Pensions as a cover to illegally access genuine customer records to obtain personal information. This allowed the pair to hijack existing claims for tax credits, diverting the payments into a complex network of bank accounts.

An HMRC spokesperson said:

"This was a deplorable abuse of a position of trust and today's verdict shows that those who believe they can cheat the system should think again.
SPOING! Bugger that irony meter has broken again.

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