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Ye Olde Murenger House library.

Crossposted from Brew Wales. The Murenger is one of the better pubs around Newport, far better than the many Wetherscum pubs which advertise many ales and you find that few of them are ever on!
The best pub in Newport, Ye Olde Murenger House, has a charity library with which customers can choose a book for 20p. Not really a library as you get to keep the book and of course you can donate any spare books you have to the shelves. The shelves are made out of the wood from the former bar, rescued from the skip when the Murenger was refurbished some years ago. With the motto "Libraries Gave Us Power" emblazoned on the top of the shelves, the Murenger charity bookcase is another addition to this great pub.

Oh and please do not attempt to donate any Dan Brown books, no one wants them, the charity shop opposite refuses to take the overfill and they end up in the recycling bin!

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