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Yet more media coverage on the PM's poor mental state.

Joan Archer makes mention of the PM's mental state here and also mentions the BBC play that had a PM going bonkers. Thats a PM but not Gordon, he was not mentioned by name but its easy to join the dots.

I have copied Joan's article in full below:
Speculation regarding the health of Gordon Brown is mounting among the online media and 'blogosphere' and now has also been inferred by the BBC via it's entertainment programme 'Electric Ink' (available online for the next five days according to the BBC website).

A protaganist in the show, Maddox, played deliciously by British star, Robert Lyndsey (also remembered fondly in the UK for his role as a politcal activist 'Citizen Smith' ) that 'The Prime Minster' is indeed suffering Clinical Depression.

In reality is seems - Gordon Brown may be suffering illness enough to require a 'last resort' medication. That is not a joking matter?

This adds mixed fuels to the spitting sparks of the smoldering concern of the public as to why the mainstream media refuse to disclose whether the Prime Minister of Great Britain is indeed suffering a form of severe mental illness requiring medications to control his decisions?

That inferred state of Mr.Browns' potential illness, as is apparently indicated here, is complicated by his probable requirement (and generally alleged prescription of) 'Tranylcypromine' reported to be 'the last pill before hospitalisation in a secure (Psychiatric Wing) unit as the only possible option'

This could be a fraught situation for the Prime Minister and is not unconfirmed, but again possibly stongly suggested by the governments' very own BBC?

As this 'allegation' clearly cannot be put by them purely as an 'entertainment' issue (as that could be beyond the realms of taste, even for the most hardened-hearted of cynic?) could it have very real foundations?

No matter how funny - is the BBC revolting?

If The BBC are guilty of such cruel japery- it will be regarded generally as 'Simply Not Cricket' (meaning 'unfair') and surely perverse to the style of the BBC - and may be a potential Disabilty Discrimination Law Issue for Mr.Brown?

It comes to mind (as a parent of disabled son) that some Learning Disabled Adults are reported to be excluded from competing in the Special Olympics but it's arguably not a sport to be in control of the welfare and economy of the West and/or it's nuclear weapons.

No wonder much of the nation is prescribed Valium.

No reminders needed of the two invasions we in the West largely instigated 'for defence' and are still involved in right now.

No joking at all is it that in Iraq allied deaths of US soldiers alone total 100,000 (nearest approx.) and UK soldiers amount to at least 565 perished and as they continue to die daily as a result of our 'defence'-as reported by anti-war information services - there's Afghanistan and a few other smaller wars that nobody talks about much due to 'gagging' orders and infamous secret family courts in the UK, currently controlled by dapper-hatted Jack Straw of the Ministry of Justice (hopefully minus his brothers' influence) under whose auspices, 4 babies, on average, die every week, apparently needlessly, and very quietly, to the public at large.

It's been generally discussed that the drugs Mr.Brown is allegedly involved with are known to cause hallucinations, mood swings and also have a plethora of side-effects, though this is all up for debate - some senior medics are aware this type of drug mentioned can only 'wear off' after a brief prescription and probably, when 'hysterical paralysis' occurs- as has been allegedly reported in Mr.Browns' case (apparently in one instance 'stuck in his car for 2 hours refusing to leave without a psychologist')

This illness could also require the use of Major Tranquilisers, again, these surely must be carefully monitored by Psychiatric Staff for immediate safety reasons due to Mr.Browns elevated (and plunging) status(es)

Allegedly some VIP's and journalists are discussing disclosure of the known facts to H.R.H. The Queen, in a bid to dissolve Parliament for the safety and security of what's left of the British Isles and its sad, angry, frustrated, yet not depressed (!) people.

Elizabeth Robillard, a potential candidate for MP of Kensington and Chelsea is also a health professional whom had no hesitation in reporting these issues publicly 'as a precaution, purely for the safety of our Islands'

Miss Robillard is known as an active supporter of the Tax Payers Alliance and of various independent politicians -including the legendary Knight 'Sir' Norman Scarth whom has won international legal cases against his brutal and very illegal internment (without trial) as a dissident in the UK.

Perhaps it's time for Downing Street to issue a statement without further delay.

This apparent illness of Gordon Brown could be the answer as to why Mr.Brown is refusing Television debates such as those requested by SKY TV?

The certainty is this; democracy and our people are not being heard in the United Kingdom.
Perhaps only those voices listened to are in the head of our Prime Minister?
19 September 2009, Joan Archer.

I covered the BBC play here.

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