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'You can get f*****': Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

what an angry little antipodean he is. Feisty Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has refused to apologise after letting go with a hail of verbal abuse alleged to have been peppered with frequent variants of the f-word.
Mr Rudd admitted unleashing the tirade against a group of Labor MPs, which included three women, in his parliamentary office two weeks ago, according to national newspaper The Australian.
They were given the dressing down after apparently showing displeasure about his move to cut their printing allowances.
According to one report, the Prime Minister 'exploded' allegedly saying, 'I don't care what you f*****s think'.
He then directed his fury at one of the eight who was apparently told: 'You can get f****d' and 'Don't you f*****g understand?'

Cue obvious jokes about ill mannered criminals sent to the colonies...

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