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Your all suspected pedophiles.

Parents could face a £5,000 fine for driving their children's friends to a sports event or Cub Scout meeting.

They face punishment and a criminal record if they have not been vetted first by a massive new government agency.

An astonishing 11.3million people - one adult in four - are likely to come under the watchful eye of the Independent Safeguarding Authority.

It used to be that you were innocent until proven by a jury to be guilty, now your a suspected pedophile until the state says that you are innocent.
**Knowing Labours record with data it will all be screwed up, innocent folk will be accused of being best mates with Garry Glitter or some other perv, whilst real pedophiles with criminal records a mile long will be missed; this will be followed by the entire data list being lost by someone who left the unencoded flash drive on the train.

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