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Laurie Pennie, argues that straight white men cannot be discriminated against.

Hat tip to A very British dude who spotted this utter horse shit:
...white, straight males do not face discrimination on the grounds of race, sexuality or gender – and that to suggest they do marginalises the experiences of oppressed groups. SOAS students’ union women’s officer Elly Badcock said: “Women have a women’s officer because we’re fundamentally disadvantaged in society, and liberation campaigns exist for those who have been systematically and structurally discriminated against, specifically because of their sexuality, gender or race.
Oh really? Utter doublethink, Orwellian newspeak and complete and utter new age tofu munching bollocks. I thought about ripping this apart in depth, but fuck it, it does the job itself.

2 people have spoken:

Tom Paine said...

No one ever saved liberty by underestimating the self-interested credulity of sections of the British public. I think you should do it anyway.

Fidothedog said...

Not worthy of further mocking, its a statement that defeats itself.