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National Flood Forum - Fake Charity?.

A woman from the http://www.floodforum.org.uk/ has been on BBC Pravda, blaming our spot of rain that has hit the UK on the religion of global warming.

Now I could not see any accounts filed with the charities commission, despite them recieving from The Environment Agency funding totaling £250,000 before cutting funding in December of 2007 according to their Wikipedia page.

4 people have spoken:

Brew Wales said...

There is a charity number on their website should be easy to check that with the commission.
Also the chair of this organisation has the surname "Waterhouse" - not good for a flood fake charity

Fidothedog said...

As far as I could see no accounts submitted, may have missed them but fairly sure this a quango.

Oldrightie said...

This latest flood tragedy is at least an opportunity for Jimmy Brown to prove he can, as he is convinced he can, walk on water.

Great British Voice said...

I Don't see a charity number. I see a limited company number and a VAT registration number, but no registered charity number... Bizarre!!