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Paul Flynn shows he is a criminally ignorant moron part 8 billion.

Well I am pardon the pun warming to this global warming bollocks, and bollocks is what Paul Flynn MP is talking on his webshyte.

He starts off on a positive spin, despite all this nonsense about warming being unproven pseudo-science:
The agreement of Commonwealth leaders to help developing nations to deal with climate change and cut greenhouse gases is great news.
Right, if you say so. Then he makes a pigs ear of it. You see the baby eating Nick Griffin is planning to pop along, thus giving Flynn the chance to lump everyone who disagrees in with the BNP. Plus of course he can try to lump in the Tory toffs as well as have a dig at the Daily Mail.
Nick Griffin's planned attendance at Copenhagen is not. There is rush from the right to rubbish global warming. Several Tory MPs have jumped on the bandwagon. Even David Davis of the vanity by-election fame is agnostic. The Daily Mail is stoking it up following their long record on being wrong on everything.
As near a case of Godwin's law being quoted as I have seen in a while. Yep the dribbling aged expense fiddler is on his usual form tonight, displaying the very hatred that he accuses everyone else of.

See also Paul Flynn's legalised theft via his expenses fiddling and lies on the sidebar.

Newport deserves better than Paul Flynn.

5 people have spoken:

banned said...

Does anyone pay the slightest attention to what grubby and disgraced fiddler Paul Flynne has to say anymore ?

Screech said...

nope, well i don't anyway, i let Fido update me on his inane ramblings

Fidothedog said...

The aged fuck is on my dead pool, bloody taking his time to die; doesn't Flynn realise there are a couple of points in it.

Screech said...

he'll probably claim his fucking funeral costs back on expenses too.

Fidothedog said...

Most likely, he is an MP sadly.