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Roberta Blackman-Woods champagne socialist having a piss and a moan.

I some New Labour running dog is having a piss and a moan over claims on her expenses.
Roberta Blackman-Woods MP (City of Durham) has instructed solicitors to inform the Liberal Democrat candidate that she must apologise for making false allegations about the MP’s record on expenses.

The MP is demanding a written unreserved apology and public statement acknowledging the inaccuracies of the Liberal Democrats’ statements, a sum to be paid to two local charities, Age Concern County Durham and St John’s Ambulance Durham and for the cost of a leaflet to correct the record for her constituents.

Roberta said “The Liberal Democrats are spreading falsehoods about my record on expenses and while I believe in putting up with the rough and tumble of political debate, this kind of slander can not be allowed to perpetuate.

“They are saying that I was forced to make a repayment for over-claiming. This is not true and I have a letter from the House of Commons Department of Resources confirming that.

Do you mean this, Ms Blackman-Woods? 
Where you were overpaid by a cool £1,330.03 and you paid that back. Which is on your expenses.

“They are also saying that I voted to ‘cover up’ my expenses. Nothing could be further from the truth as I have always been open and honest about what I claimed, putting the details on my website years ago and have argued for and voted for extensive reform of the Commons expenses system which was clearly rotten.

Actually the truth is a little bit different as she voted to keep the 2nd home allowance and was against tougher auditing of MP's accounts.

Still back to her fantasyland pissing an a moaning:
“As it happens on Friday we learnt that four Liberal Democrats have been forced to repay money and told to apologise to Parliament for their second homes claims. Funnily enough, I doubt we’ll see any mention of that in the Lib Dem literature.

“I will be proud to fight this election on my record but I will not stand by while the Lib Dems distort my record to their political advantage. I want to debate Labour’s plans for the future versus the Lib Dems catastrophic policies and their cosying up to the Tories, but the Lib Dems would prefer to play gutter politics.”

I wonder if when having a go at other parties, she will mention that she claimed £9,425.19 in stamp duty and other costs associated with buying a London flat. Later claimed £1,364.29 per month in mortgage interest payments?

Also she is quite happy for us to pay her council tax as well. Then we have her claiming £57.50 a month on furniture from DFS.

Plus of course we pay her electric bill for her, never mind that as an MP she clears a cool £64K+ a year as well as dipping into the MP slush fund food allowance of £400 a month.

We also paid for her TV license as well and utility bills as well.

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Unknown said...

Overdue lecky bill, overdue council tax bill and the colour of one of the DFS sofas is "Champagne"!