The National Debt Clock.

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Bye bye Snotty.

Pics from http://www.redragonline.com/

No more will the land cringe as Gordon is described as PM, as we hear the sniggering and mockery from every land on the planet; all confused as to how such an inept fucker out land the top job.

No more will we have Ed Miliband, whittering on about eco shyte and boring the arse off of us.

No more David Miliband flying out to Club Gitmo to import some rag headed savage whilst people are dying from lack of cancer treatments.

No more Harperson, bleating on about wimmin and talking down to everyone.

At last, now this land had best get back to making stuff rather than racking the bills up on quango's, diversity outreach staff, treehugger consultants, pouring aid to savages in Bongo land and balancing the books.

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