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Ed Balls(up) AKA Piers Fletcher-Dervish booed by the people.

Oh dear, I think we are on for a Portillo moment come election day, as one of the dimmest bulbs in the New Labour pack gets booed by the little people.

ED Balls was jeered and booed by fed-up voters in his own constituency during a humiliating pre-election showdown yesterday.

The Schools Secretary, speaking in the West Yorkshire seat of Morley and Outwood, mounted soapboxes with four other candidates to address voters directly.

But members of the audience shouted “rubbish” and “answer the question” as Mr Balls responded to one woman’s question about the rejection of a proposal to open a high school in Birkenshaw.

When he spoke about “British values of tolerance and fair play” in response to a question about banning the burkha, some of the crowd cheered while others booed and held up BNP posters.


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