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Harriet Harman - Another scum sucking pig enjoying the benefits of champagne socialism.

Gosh another duplicitous MP planning to tighten the rules for us whilst breaking those rules, I am surprised.
Harriet Harman was accused of 'hypocrisy' yesterday for attacking Tory plans to cut inheritance tax although her own family exploited loopholes to shelter their fortune from the levy.
The Labour deputy leader was revealed to be one of the beneficiaries of a trust set up in her father's will designed to reduce the amount of tax she would eventually pay on his estate.
Miss Harman has repeatedly railed against the Tory proposal to raise the inheritance threshold substantially, describing it as a 'tax cut for the wealthiest estates'.
But documents show how her father attempted to use complex tax avoidance loopholes to protect some of his fortune from the Inland Revenue.

Some animals are indeed more equal than others, as the pig Harman shows. 

3 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

Never hits the headlines, does it?

Anonymous said...

New Labour motto.

If you can't win fairly, then win without scrupels.

banned said...

Brilliant stuff Fido, I love these downfall vids, added to my collection. First the poisoned chalice and now the scorched earth; the shredders of Whitehall must be burning out.

Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall ijn Labours bunker on Friday morning?