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Lord Prescunt of Bulimia and Pies.

So now that Gordon has left, he has decided to hand out a peerage to the shaven vomiting voter puncher John Prescott, well at least now he has a peerage he can play croquet without feeling guilty about it.

Oh the irony of it, Prescunt, the shambling class warrior and former cruise ship waiter a craven coward who quite litrally jumped onboard to avoid national service.

A fat champagne socialist piggy who has grasped in his trotters every bauble and trinket political power could offer, all the while pointing his fat fingers at every one else's greed and laughingly claims to represent the working man.

Playing the common man card whilst having his wife driven 250 yards to keep her hair safe. Prescott shows the classic example of the labour elite, a sexist point the finger at other parties scum sucking pig of the worst type.

A man as fake in all he says and does as the mock Tudor beams he charged the taxpayer to have fitted to his constituency home, he will fit in so so well in the Lords.

Hat tip to GOT for the pic.

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