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The New Labour snooper state is not yet dead.

As Big Brother Watch points out its also making money at least for those doing the spying that is...

Well, at least the operators are honest about it on the Isle of Wight. The council’s scrutiny committee was told.
THE new generation of CCTV technology could be both a money-saver and money-maker for the Isle of Wight Council... 
We are looking at increasing revenue generation and that will enable us to increase staffing
Oh good! If the system makes more money, then there can be even more watching!
As I say, they're disarmingly blunt about it on the Isle - but the longstanding fears many of us have about CCTV as revenue raiser rather than crime deterrent or detector gain more and more credence every day.
And I also note this:
Black-screen stealth software automatically hones in on people acting suspiciously, cutting the number of staff needed in the council’s new CCTV control room. 

2 people have spoken:

banned said...

They seem to be confused about whether they want to 'improve staffing' or 'reduce staff'. With 5 CCTVs in Shanklin IOW, that'll be one for each pub then.

Btw, how do you go about 'acting suspiciously', might be fun trying to see how long it takes their oh-so-clever software to catch on.

banned said...

That nice Mr Clegg is in the news today yelling us that he will be doing away with big government but he wantsd US to tell HIM which laws we want eradicating.