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New Labour's NHS.

Complain about how bad it is and you will be sacked.
A student nurse who exposed the appalling neglect of elderly patients at a hospital trust where up to 1,200 people died needlessly has been thrown off her training course.
Two years after the Stafford Hospital scandal, Barbara Allatt reported NHS colleagues for leaving patients in soiled sheets, shouting at dementia sufferers and secretly slipping sedatives into a cup of tea.
But the mature student was condemned for having an 'attitude problem' before being withdrawn from her nursing course at Staffordshire University last month.
Miss Allatt, 40, now plans to sue over a 'culture of bullying' during placements at Stafford Hospital and Cannock Chase Hospital, both part of the crisis-hit Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust.

All Gordon/Blair and his ilk have done is create hospitals paid for on the never never via PFI, legions of pen pushers, quango's in charge of it and jobs for the champagne socialist elite.

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banned said...

Good for her but I'm not sure what she could sue for if she was not actually employed by them.