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Yet more New Labour taxes on the way: Fat taxes to be imposed by the fat bloated PM Gordon Brown.

The Mail reports that...Junk food and sugary drinks could be hit with 'fat taxes' in an effort to combat obesity and help fill the black hole in Government finances.
The Food Standards Agency is planning to consult on whether such taxes would help make people eat healthier food.
Well in a word, no. People like a treat and it will just punish those who enjoy the occasional glass of coke or sugar and e-number loaded bar of chocolate.
If imposed, the taxes would operate on the same principle as those on tobacco and drink to change behaviour and raise money.
But it won't, it is just a stealth tax under the pretext of getting us healthy.
The most likely option would be to apply the so- called fat tax to processed foods, snacks and sugary drinks.
However, under one scenario, 17.5 per cent VAT might even be applied to full fat milk, butter and cheese to encourage a switch to products with less saturated fat.
Anything for HM Govt to claw more of our hard earned cash and take a greater proportion of what we have.
Food is currently exempt from VAT.
The food watchdog believes the nation is overdosing on saturated fat, which is linked to clogged arteries, heart disease and premature death.
When will this tedious government leave us alone, if fat bloated people wish to eat fat 24/7 it is their choice something that we all have in a so called free democratic society, this is their lifestyle choice as unhealthy as it may be; why then should the rest of us be taxed for those who lack the fucking willpower to eat better.

Maybe the fat bloated PM who waddles about, gasping like a fish out of water after walking ten yards and who even faked a picture of him jogging to project a healthy image should lead by example. Maybe then he would be less likely to get upset at cartoons showing him as a fat lump.

Who knows a healthier Gordon might even help with his self image and maybe improve the madmans sanity.

2 people have spoken:

banned said...

Dave and Nick had better get their act together asap and put someone in charge of stopping this sort of nonsense, on second thoughts they could do with the extra tax too.

Happily I don't eat much of that sort of stuff but they get plenty from me anyway through tax on booze, fags and deisel but it does not 'change my behaviour' one little bit.

MathewK said...

The liberal fascists are always angling to push us around and control what we do and how we live for all sorts of creative reasons, but ultimately, they're really only after control.