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Terry Kelly - Hates the royals.

Its been a while since I covered the mental cabbage that is Councillor Terry Kelly, still let his own words speak forth his bile and hatred of the royals.

A COUNCILLOR who said the Queen is a "sectarian racist" is facing disciplinary action from his party.
Labour councillor Terry Kelly, a former election agent for Wendy Alexander, launched a tirade against the Queen and the monarchy. The Renfrewshire Council member used his blog to unleash a barrage of vituperative comments which his own party has condemned as unacceptable.
In Kelly's online rant he also:

Claimed that Britain would be better off if the Royal Family met the same fate as Tsar Nicholas II of Russia;

Described the Royals as a "parasitical bunch of braying half wits";
Claimed that Princess Anne looked like a "bulldog chewing a wasp";

• Lampooned Prince Harry and Prince William as "the Chuckle Brothers".

The veteran left-winger penned an article titled 'The Queen was in her Counting House Counting out her Money', which states: "I know it sounds churlish, with them being such nice folk and role models, but how many hospitals, schools, etc could we build if we did what the Bolsheviks did all those years ago?"
He then ridicules each member of the Royal Family in turn: "There's Madge (the Queen], the glove puppet, Big Phil (the Duke of Edinburgh], expert at shaking hands and insulting minorities, Charles, Andrew and Edward, the brains trust, and Anne, who looks and acts like a bulldog chewing a wasp.
"They are followed of course by the Chuckle Brothers 'Winco Willie and Hooray Henry', both of whom need to use both hands to find their own arses."

In response to criticism from a visitor to the site Kelly makes the bizarre statement: "If Prince Charles were to dump Camilla and marry a Muslim he would not succeed. In these circumstances the Queen should abdicate, not to do so would be to support racism.

"In fact she is supporting racism just now by not demanding change so, I'm afraid that your beloved monarch is a sectarian racist."

A Labour insider said it was very likely that Kelly would face the prospect of disciplinary action. He said: "Given the circumstances we will be looking to see what action can be taken."

Kelly insisted that his remarks were not meant to be taken seriously, stating: "I was joking. I am opposed to capital punishment violence. But I do want rid of the monarchy. It is an anachronism and an embarrassment."

A spokeswoman for Buckingham Palace declined to comment.

Socialism the politics of envy and hate, still here is a film made about this vile little commie.


3 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

I'd largely forgotten about that fat cunt. I read the article and most of it was written by Rayleen.

Bad memories of how the seemingly free speech bunch of bloggers who opposed him went all coy, defensive and developed delicate sensibilities when he set his pet journalist mates on them, cunts all and glad most have largely disappeared; they were almost as bad hypocrites and total cunts as Kelly.

Don't get me fucking started again Paul......

Fidothedog said...

Ah yes the joy that was cabbage watch. I stayed in but fuck all point when no one else was posting to be fair.

Still when the cabbage comes to the front I shall be there taking shots at this fat lard bucket.

Anonymous said...

I hate the royals too. Oh, we piss and moan about this unelected cunt or that undeserving cause but the Kraut and the Greek who serve as erm, British heads of state are sitting on BILLIONS.

I'm not advocating regicide but it's past time to do away with the whole lot. Let us do as our Scandinavian and Dutch and to a lesser extent Spanish neighbours have: reduce them to figureheads enjoying comfort but not luxury. Let us then quietly and peacefully and fairly phase them out.

Monarchy is outdated and I cannot see that it reflects "British" values. Why, even here on this magnificent blog, a love for democracy is often expressed. So let it be.