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Australian legal madness.( Roger Tira Kahui)

Sometimes you come across a story of fuckwittery that you just have to post.

Sentence for brutal sex attack reduced
A man who raped a woman in her south Auckland home in 2006, has had his minimum sentence in prison reduced three years by the Court of Appeal.
...However, Roger Tira Kahui had his appeal against his conviction dismissed and a sentence of preventive detention remained.

Kahui, a relative of Chris Kahui, who was this year acquitted of the murders of his twin sons, was sentenced last year in the High Court at Auckland to preventive detention, with no chance of release for 16 years.
A jury found him guilty of 26 charges including rape, kidnap, sexual violence and indecent assault.
During his sentencing, Justice Hugh Williams said society needed to be protected from a man who had more than 120 previous convictions.

In their decision released today, Justices Ellen France, Judith Potter and Alan MacKenzie said Justice Williams had used a sentencing benchmark that was too high for the crimes committed.

Yep it must be something in the water that people in government, legal circles and the like drink. This sort of shit we have sort of got used to here in the UK, that it is happening in Australia is a fucking bad sign.

Then again they voted for that useless cunt Kevin Rudd so maybe its not such a big surprise.

2 people have spoken:

MK said...

"Then again they voted for that useless cunt Kevin Rudd so maybe its not such a big surprise."

I beg your pardon, there are many a useless parasite(s) that have benefited from kevvie's 'take from those who have and give to those that won't work', who would insist that he is a most useful C.

But you are right, even though some of us didn't vote for him, enough did.

KG said...

Thanks for posting that Fido--the madness is infecting all Western societies, methinks.
Where the hell did we go wrong?