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Brian Gibbons AM - Used Public Funds for Royal British Legion wreath.

First up the Arsembly expenses.

Brian Gibbons (the mustachioed tight bastard on the left who is the local government minister for the Welsh Arsembly who last year took home a basic salary of £76,258, claimed £16.50 for a Royal British Legion wreath.

Yep the tight fucker showed his respect to the war dead by plundering public funds for £16.50 for a wreath to show his respect to the dead.

Still one has to watch the pennies in these tough fiscal times, sadly it was our pennies that Brian has been watching to the tune of £76,258.
It is also worthy of note that some other fuckers in this glorified talking shop helped themselves to fucking I-Pods and tellys for the offices, yep it was us the hard put upon tax payers who have been fiscally raped yet again by our elected scum.

Although I-Pods aside the dipping into petty cash by Brian to get a wreath is the fucking lowest example of political scumfuckery I have seen in a long time. 

Still he is a Labour party member so that explains a lot, maybe he has been taking lessons in being shifty from Peter Hain.

If you are happy with Brian and co plundering our taxes please let them know:

e-mail: brian.gibbons@wales.gov.uk

Brian Gibbons AM 
Eagle House, 
2 Talbot Road,
Port Talbot 
SA13 1DH
Tel and Fax: 01639 870779 

National Assembly for Wales,
Cardiff Bay
CF99 1NA
Send an e-form to an Assembly Member
Tel: 029 2089 8751

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3 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

They always struggle to find any sense of decency towards our protectors.

Fidothedog said...

True, very true.

Not a sheep said...

"To" should be "Too", please don't let NuLabour education standards infect the blogosphere.