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Christmas in "Cool Britannia": Firefighters told to take down their Christmas lights.

From the Dailymail

Killjoy bosses have ordered firefighters to take down their Christmas decorations - because they are a fire hazard.

An email has been sent to fire stations in East Sussex warning crews they have to take down any fairy lights that have not been officially approved.

Firefighters have told friends the decorations are unlikely to be checked in time, so those working over Christmas will have little festive cheer around them.

They said the latest diktat added further bitterness to recent unhappiness in the service after stations were ordered to get rid of their snooker tables and comfortable chairs from recreation rooms.

An insider said: 'Apparently they think it is giving the public the impression that the fire service is unprofessional.

'It seems a bit Scrooge-like to me. You would have thought they might trust firefighters of all people to put up lights safely.' 

Fire bosses denied that Christmas lights had been banned but said all station decorations had to meet safety standards.


2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Is it not possible for someone just to tell these wankers to fuck off?

Fidothedog said...

Sadly they have all been given grants and human rights by Labour in return for votes.

So no in a word.