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EU spends 2000 Euro per employee on "Christmas travel expenses"

From Is there more to life than shoes

All aboard the Christmas gravy train:

The European Union’s institutions in Brussels have been accused of squandering millions of Euro of European taxpayers’ money by paying for their employees’ Christmas travel expenses at a time of economic crisis. Hans-Peter Martin, an independent member of the European Parliament from Austria, wrote to the press denouncing this “shocking privilege.”

“The money would be better spent financing meaningful social projects,” Martin wrote. Last year, the European Commission and the European Council jointly spent just under 47 million Euro (USD 65 million dollars) to pay for the Christmas travel arrangements of their 22,800-odd employees.
Wankers. 47 million fucking Euros of tax money. Oh sure small change for an organisation that has not had its accounts signed off and which makes fucking Enron look trustworthy.

Compare that to the billions spunked away on non existant farmers producing pigs that exist only on paper from a farm based in a flat in a Milan towerblock and its nothing. 

God but I hate the EU, they had wanking our money away to a fine art years ago and make that one eyed cunt in No.10 Downing Street look like a fucking chimp copying the tourists in comparison. Sorry thats not really correct I should have said one eyed chimp.

Anyway the above article carrys on and explains that the mere 47 million Euros divided by the number of shiftless employees some 22,800 gives an average of 2000 Euros a person.

As one can for a top figure of say £500 get ones arse from any point to any other point in Europe, it has to be asked where the rest of the money is going?

The recession has not hit those at the EU this Christmas.

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