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Gordon Brown is a cunt: Drivers to have 10-year health checks

Pic from Tractor Stats.
Here we go again, New Labour find another way to screw the taxpayers: Link to story in the Torygraph.
Drivers will have to declare every 10 years whether they are medically able to get behind the wheel, according to proposals to be set out early in the new year.
For the first time, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) will issue a series of minimum physical and mental requirements motorists must fulfil including eyesight performance and reaction times.
Tests, costing up to £80, will be offered to drivers to check whether they are fit to drive.
Anyone who chooses not to take the tests but declares themselves able to take to the roads will be committing a criminal offence if they fail to meet the established standards.
Naturally you have to pay for the for the privilege of driving sorry pay for the health check to ensure you are healthy enough to drive and they have that option of huge fines if someone fails to take part.

After all Labour do love a bit of punishment.

Also note they mention in the article a new system of 10 year licenses for motorists, not a chuffing word on the costs and yes lucky drivers will be paying for them(come on this is Labour don't think they will let have them gratis do you?).

Now why do I have a suspicion that the devious fuckers will work the National ID Card scheme into this....

The "Clunking Fist" has via his badger haired second in command just delivered another stealth tax on the people of this land. New Labour the only party that can fiscally rape the people and make them pay for the lubricant.

Now lastly I shall finish with this gem about the DVLA:
"At the moment the DVLA is sifting through a large number of medical records and simply ends up giving people their licences back."
So what is being said here by government is that the DVLA (a government agency set up to administer driving licenses etc) is unable to do their job. That although people are being honest and ticking the box to show they have an illness that should stop them driving, the DVLA are unable/unwilling to cope and sending them their licence back.

Rather than reform the DVLA, they plan to bring in a whole new system of health checks and costs to the public. 

Madness, total madness.

New Labour a huge "gold standard cock-up", amoral, corrupt and evil to the core.


2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

"Now why do I have a suspicion that the devious fuckers will work the National ID Card scheme into this...."

Fuck me, these tossers will try anything to make us have ID cards. Whatever next? Better stop using my Tesco Clubcard.

As for a drivers health check - fuck the fuck off Gordon! Just because you like Lord Meddlesome's back door agenda, it doesn't mean that I have to take it up the arse as well!

Fidothedog said...

Yep, agreed they are a bunch of duplicitous bastards.