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Gordon Brown to star in panto.

"Im not gay" screams the actor playing Gordon, "Oh yes he is" chants the audiance led on by an actor playing the part of Lord Levy...
In my second panto related post of the night, this one features one eyed unelected PM James Gordon Brown.

The first was about former tabloid tittie flasher Linda Lusardi dialing 999 as she was late for panto.

Okay the one eyed cunt Gordon is not starring in panto, he is however the joke in many a panto this year....

The scene is a basement in the City. Cinderella, a redundant investment banker, is sobbing because she has been forced to take on a cleaning job.

Suddenly, after a blinding flash, Gordon Brown is standing before her.

“Don’t be afraid, Cinderella,” he says, holding a magic wand aloft. “For I am your fairy godfather.”

“Oh, fairy godfather,” says Cinderella. “Please will you wave your magic wand and help me to escape from this life of drudgery?”

So Gordon waves his magic wand . . . and absolutely nothing happens.

“But everything’s still the same,” sobs Cinders.

“Oh no, it isn’t,” says Gordon.

“Oh yes it is,” cries the audience.

In the finest tradition of British panto the powers that be are mocked and derided with any mercy what so ever.

In the Birmingham Hippodrome’s version of Robin Hood, Maid Marion praises Robin for robbing the rich and giving to the poor. To which the Sheriff of Nottingham replies: “You’re a proper little David Cameron, aren’t you? I prefer Gordon Brown, he robs from the poor and gives to the banks.”

In Aladdin at the King’s theatre, Edinburgh, Widow Twankey pokes fun at the prime minister’s claim to have saved the world economy. Proffering the magic lamp, she says: “Now you’ve got the lamp maybe you can save the world . . . sorry, the banks.” (The Times)

Now political mockery they can survive and are used to that, but when the fuckers become panto humour you know the writting is on the wall for them.

New Labour and Linda Lusardi deserving of mockery the pair of them....

New Labour a huge "gold standard cock-up", amoral, corrupt and evil to the core.

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Tractor Stats said...

I immediately read the title as, Gordon Brown to Star in Porno, I must be dyslexic or there's a subliminal influence somewhere.

Fidothedog said...

If it was porno its not a film that I would like to see, although I am sure Lord Levy will have all the details on that one. :-)