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Gordon wastes your money: Hug an illegal migrant.

Lots of lovely money for ever more Labour voters sorry guests of the socialist benefits state.

Six Somali "asylum seekers" in Birmingham have been given four- and five-bedroomed houses at taxpayers’ expense after winning a legal battle with the council — funded by free legal aid for which taxpayers also paid.

The Somalians were given free homes shortly after they arrived in Britain. But they soon complained the accommodation was too small after their families arrived from abroad.

One refugee was in a two-bed flat, but a year later was joined here by his wife and six children. Another was also joined by his wife and six children before she gave birth to another child.

They took their demands to court — using legal aid cash — after Birmingham council said it had no accommodation left. They were moved into bigger houses after winning the action. One got a five-bedroom mansion, four got four-bedroom homes and another received a three-bedroom house.

The fact they are asylum seekers ensured that they qualified for legal aid. None of the asylum seekers is believed to be working and all were said to be living off welfare benefits.

Migrationwatch chief Sir Andrew Green said:

“This may all be perfectly legal but it leaves the long-standing residents of Birmingham aghast at the manipulation of the system.”

Plus we have this gem: Raid on asylum seekers charity.

POLICE have smashed a suspected £20 million asylum seeker fraud after swooping on a Midland charity.

Seventy officers raided Astonbrook Housing Association in Birmingham at dawn on Wednesday and arrested seven people, including the chief executive.
The raid came a week after the Sunday Mercury revealed how the charity had been accused of inventing thousands of needy immigrants to claim millions from the Home Office and city council.
Astonbrook gained the biggest Government contract to provide homes for asylum seekers in April 2006.
Since then it has received almost £20 million from the Home Office, via the city council, but police are now looking at where that money has gone.

The charity is owned and run by a group of former Somali asylum seekers. It has contracts in four UK regions - the Midlands, South West, Wales and Yorkshire - and won a five-year Home Office contract just 16 months ago.

Astonbrook was awarded the multi-million contract despite the fact that its chief executive formerly ran another leading refugee support organisation, the Birmingham-based Midland Refugee Council, which collapsed in 2005...

*From London’s East End comes the news that “refugees and other immigrants are being helped to find jobs by Town Hall officials.”

A pilot six-month project has been launched offering one-to-one and group tutoring to help new arrivals who are living in supported housing in Tower Hamlets to find work to be able to keep themselves.

Weekly courses are being run by the authority to help them with English, CV writing, how to search for jobs and preparing for interviews.

They get further support once they complete the programme from professional advisers from Praxis community projects, funded by the council’s Supporting People programme.

Unemployment among Tower Hamlets’ immigrants and other ethnic communities are far higher than the national average.

**Naturally the thought of deporting some of these people would never enter the socialist hive mindset.

Roll up, roll up, more benefits and free council houses...

The Government has decided to issue another 5,000 work visas to Bulgarians and Romanians next year, despite unemployment in the UK now topping 1.8 million. There are around 67,000 Romanian and Bulgarian workers in Britain, according to recent figures.

Home Office officials have claimed that the ?immigrant agricultural workers’ are needed to fill gaps in the unskilled labour market.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the MigrationWatch think tank, has pointed out that it is a “pity there are not stronger incentives for unemployed British workers to do the agricultural work.”

The decision to increase the number of visas also flies in the face of previous Government policy which was to impose restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarian workers entering Britain following their addition to the EU last year.

“For a married man with two children, the difference between working at the minimum wage and unemployment benefits is less than £20 per week,” Sir Green said. “That is hardly enough to pay the bus fare to work.” Something is seriously wrong with such a situation, but rather than correct it, the Government is happy to keep British people on benefits rather than see them get work.

When eight other Eastern European states joined the EU five years ago the Government opted to allow a free-for-all, with open access to the UK jobs market.

That decision led to an unprecedented influx of more than a million workers from Poland and other countries, despite the Government claiming that only 13,000 a year would arrive.

**So when you can't find work remember to thank our kind one eyed overlord Gordon Brown.

Calais — Afghan invaders attempting to enter Britain have been caught hiding in a lorry load of nappies. Six Afghan men were found hidden among boxes of nappies in a Lithuanian lorry which was stopped by UK Border Agency officials on its way to a Channel ferry in Calais, France. They were found after hi-tech equipment picked up high levels of carbon dioxide.

Manchester — A 'political refugee’ from Angola has been jailed for two years after using an alter-ego to swindle more than £70,000 in a benefits scam. Luzia Da Silva Miguel was legally claiming support for herself and her two young children.

For several years she was also being paid benefits under the false identity of Antonia Bordalo whose 'home’ was an unoccupied house in Longsight. The fraud was discovered following a surveillance operation when investigators spotted Miguel, 44, obtaining statements and withdrawing cash from a bank account in the name Bordalo.

Miguel, who has degrees in management and banking and finance, was arrested and at Manchester Crown Court admitted 10 charges involving £70,525.

Portsmouth — A Turkish kebab shop worker has been deported after it was discovered he was an illegal immigrant. Immigration officers from the UK Border Agency arrested the man on a visit to the Leigh Park Kebab House in Park Parade, Leigh Park.

He could not produce documentation showing he had a right to work in this country. The man has been detained pending his deportation from the UK.

The manager of the takeaway was also served with an on-the-spot penalty notice for employing someone illegally.

Manchester — A renewed flood of invaders attempting to enter Britain through Manchester airport has forced authorities to reopen an expanded detention facility.

Previously known as Manchester Detention Centre, Pennine House can now hold up to 32 detainees, double its previous capacity.

Our system is a farce, hell the most wanted terrorists could be working as taxi drivers in Bradford and no doubt even using their real names and our piss poor system would be quite happy to keep paying their benefits.

**On the subject of detention centres, we have this tale which I have seen reported elsewhere but this blog post summed it up perfectly so I have copyed it in full: The Devil's Advocate

THIS IS how our legal system works … or doesn’t. Moroccan Rashid Ali (30) turned up in Britain in 2004 claiming to be an Algerian asylum seeker. His application was rejected and he ended up squatting in an abandoned grain warehouse at Avonmouth Docks, near Bristol. (Why he wasn’t sent home at this point is beyond me, as you’ll see.)

Ali then decided that he wanted to go home, with his preferred mode of transport being a ship. He was booted off the first one he stowed away on at Milford Haven in Wales. He then kept on trying and after being caught for the fifth time was hauled before the courts and sentenced to three years in a detention centre … at a cost to the taxpayer of around £250,000.

Two days after his release (and we pause again to ask why he hadn’t then been sent home) he was caught hiding on yet another boat. Back to the courts again where a frustrated Judge finally asks the question as to why a man who so clearly wants to return to his homeland is constantly prevented from doing so by a judicial system that makes the Three Stooges look like potential Cabinet members.

So I had a quick look on t’internet this morning and a flight from Bristol to Marrakech comes in at £83.27. Might I suggest that that’s a cheaper option for HMG than banging the poor bugger up for another three years at a cost of a quarter of a million? Or am I missing something here?
**Sadly he is not missing a thing other than taxpayers money being wasted. Logic and common sense disappears in a bizarre mix of policing, quangos and various departments all with their own agendas, procedures and paperwork.

Now fact he was an illegal aside, there is something wrong with a system that cant process him and get the chap onto a flight back home in double quick time. Its not as if he did not want to get out of the UK.

Welcome to Gordon Browns new "Cool Britannia", even when you want to leave they won't let you!


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