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Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick: A total wanker.

The fat fucker has been bleating on about how everything is down to the evil baby eating Tories.

Cue this arsegravy from the upset member of the plod:
Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick, whose claims were angrily denied by the Tories, said the party was “mobilised” against his probe into Home Office leaks involving senior MP Damian Green.

He made the comments after a Sunday newspaper reported that a wedding car hire business was being run from his home by his wife Judith, raising questions about whether his personal security was being compromised.

Yep a top cop is running a chaffeur service from his house, which was advertised in public. Not only that he made a big thing of being able to use ex-police drivers. The Mail on Sunday got hold of this and pointed out that this may well be a bit of a security risk, what with him being head of the anti terror unit.

So this is where it no enters fucking la la looney land, he claims that as he has been exposed as a glorified taxi driver this is some sort of security risk!? So running a taxi firm from his home was not a security risk but getting caught by the press is.

Next up he throws his toys out of the pram, evacuates his family and issues a press release claiming that the story:
"is an attempt to undermine an investigation which is legitimate. The Tory machinery and their press friends are mobilised against this investigation in a wholly corrupt way, and I feel very disappointed in the country I am living in."
Does the word tool go leaping to mind with regards Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick, along with fuckwit, asshat, looney, moonbat, loopy, barking, arsehole.

**Update - Just when one thinks that the dipshittery can not get any more bizarre my local MP, the libel case losing coffin dodger Paul Flynn pops up to defend him. 

He bleats about how the paper made his address public, although I would assume that running a taxi firm would be what gave his address away.

Still Paul Flynn has never let facts get in the way, which sort of explains why Endowment Justice fiscaly fucked him over in the libel case.

Still this from an MP who claimed that Sen. McCain was to old for the top job in the USA. This from an MP older and not wiser than Sen. McCain.

**Update PC taxi driver has stated that he was wrong, withdrawn his comments and realised that he was looking somewhat like a total fucking cuntbubble, as this is the case will the libel case loser MP Paul Flynn also admit that his snide remarks about the Tory press in his post were wrong? Not holding breath on that one...

2 people have spoken:

ziz said...

So you reckon Quick is a wanker.

How wrong , Oh how so wrong.
To be a wanker - even a total one you have to :

1 . Demonstrate the capacity to co-ordinate the mental processes with the physical act.

2. er that's it.

You havent produced a shred of evidence that this bovine lump could even sharpen a pencil at the right end.

He does however have 5 children so he can evidently mantain the physical side ... but presumably he had some help on those occasions.

Houdini said...

I must admit to thinking this was a bloke working for Labour in some way and the met copper handle was as an ex or something.

Goes to show just how much influence Labour has in the met after this and Blair.

I wonder if this fat fucker can substantiate what he has said? The Tories should sue him, that would sort the issue out and then we'll see what a judge thinks of him running a taxi firm from his gaff.