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Hackney gang rape trial: Labours broken Britain.

Gordon Brown has insisted immigration is good for the UK and rejected calls for an annual limit.

The Prime Minister was responding to a report by a House of Lords committee which said record immigration had made "little or no" impact to people's wellbeing. Link.

Maybe the PM will be happy to see the results of 11 years of his multicultural nightmare: link

The longest sentence was 9 years, which in New Labour speak will be about three years at a push and time knocked off for being a good boy.

The Hackney gang rape trial has just finished and, amazingly enough, it turns out none of the assailants were Inuits or ninjas. Also, you may want move anything breakable out of range before clicking here

Yep, you are reading that right: the longest sentence for participation in a brutal and sustained gang rape was nine years in a young offenders institute aka playstation prison. So that'll be three years in the metric system, and out in time to catch some events at the Olympics. The winner of 'Best In Show' was the sentence given to a 14-year-old scumbag who not only gets to keep his anonymity, but also scored 'secure accommodation for two years and five months because of his age'. So that's a year's holiday under the firm rule of a bunch of social workers. 

I guess the femiloons would have said something, but they were across town dealing with the real threat.
And here are the people who Brown believes contribute so much to the UK economy. So much for the tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime bullshit from Labour.

New Labour - "I want them all dead. I want their family's dead. I want their houses burnt to the ground. I want to go there in the middle of the night and piss on the ashes."

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Anonymous said...

Labour and the left ey. They'll always fight on the side of the scum. Rapists, murders, etc can always depend on the left for succor.

"Gordon Brown has insisted immigration is good for the UK and rejected calls for an annual limit."

They need all the votes they can get. Hope you folks feel completely different at the next election.