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Laura Moffatt MP(Labour) - Should have gone to Specsavers.

Found this one on Labour MP Laura Moffatt, who looks somewhat like a second rate Eric Morcombe clone: link
MP Laura Moffatt has voiced concern over a "secret" event planned by the British National Party."

The News understands the right-wing group is holding its south-east regional Christmas party in Crawley on Saturday.

It is thought BNP members have been told to meet in a car park before the real venue.

In a statement issued today (Thursday), Mrs Moffatt said: "All political parties hold social events at Christmas and throughout the year.

"In my experience such events are openly advertised to members and supporters. I have never experienced people being invited to meet in a car park in order to be given the secret venue." 

What are they ashamed of?"

She added: "I'm sorry they have chosen our town. Crawley has a really strong interfaith community and generally excellent multi cultural community relations.
"We value the contribution our minority communities make to the town.

"I would much prefer that the BNP had decided to hold their party elsewhere."
So I guess she is not angling for a freebie ticket then based on her last comment? Still I have to smile at her lambasting the BNP as our socialist sister voted for the dubious 42 days bill to lock up dusky types for possiession of a koran. 

Very right on and socialist.

She is not shy of trousering public money either having cleared a cool £145,846 in expenses for the year 2006/07. Still in the words of the "glorious leader" she can feel our pain during these hard times whilst Gordon saves the world.

Although she is rather shy of the freedom of information as she voted to cover up MP's privilage in the House of Commons.

Oh and she voted for the piss poor ID cards bill that will hit the poor the hardest.

One last piece of advice for Eric Morcombe sorry Laura Moffatt, she should have gone to specsavers!

New Labour - "I want them all dead. I want their family's dead. I want their houses burnt to the ground. I want to go there in the middle of the night and piss on the ashes."

2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

They probably have to hold it in secret because of nannyiny socialist scum like her who prattle on about freedom of speech and liberty, whilst her PC-Thugs are busy rounding up people for exercising their very freedoms.

Here's to hoping the electorate turfs her out on her ass at the next election, specs and all.

Anonymous said...

Why do we continuously pay heed to scum of this ilk?

In my opinion the B.N.P. are now far more democratic than New Labour.

In fact, See story below on this very blog to understand that point of view...

I see that the Irish "No" vote from six months ago, now doesn't count...

I remember the very day after the Irish vote, Milicunt scurrying around as if nothing had happened busily implementing Britain yet deeper into the mire.
When he was asked why? - He blathered that he was merely going through the motions and in his worthless view, the treaty was now already dead..

At the time - I didn't believe the odious lying gimp anymore than he believed himself....

Can Britain really afford to be subjected too another Year of the lying corrupt cowards, that are New Labour one wonders?