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Jack Straw - Canatxx Gas Storage donation: 4 years late and no action to be taken.

Today I read that:
"No action will be taken over a £3,000 donation which Justice Secretary Jack Straw declared more than four years late, electoral officials have said."
Right so lets see, he breaks the rules and its all political bum chums together and well its been a long time, lets let him off with a stern word and a promise not to do it again. 

So by that logic I can but assume that if some business person was to "forget" to pay some tax and it was discovered 4 years later that they would let that person off with a mere stern word and a promise not to do it again. Hardly.

Maybe this shifty fucker has been taking lessons in being a shifty lying fucker off of Robert Mugabe who he famously shook hands with back in 2004. 

The fucker claimed that shaking hands with Mugabe was a fucking mistake as well the cunt.

New Labour - "I want them all dead. I want their family's dead. I want their houses burnt to the ground. I want to go there in the middle of the night and piss on the ashes."

2 people have spoken:

KG said...

Lamp post. Some hemp rope.
Repeat until the bastards get the message. (nah, stuff it--repeat until they're all swinging in the breeze)

Fidothedog said...

Indeed the rope industry needs a major boost and hanging labour scum would be a fine start.