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Road tax - How you are unable to use roads you pay for.

In the finest tradition of communist Russia or some moderately repressive middle eastern shit hole, New Labour have decided that they and people they need money off are far more important than you.

So in order to get the important people to their hotels they are putting up(at your expense), to Olympic venues(you paid for through your taxes) on roads (you pay for) and provided with food and drink(at your expense) the New Labour scum are removing you the scummy unwashed plebs from the roads.

Look don't get angry as its all for your own good, they the great and the good, the champagne socialists are far fucking better than you. Despite you paying through the nose for your car and fuel to keep it going, then being fined for going a mile over the limit/parking in the wrong area and/or too long in said area.

So now after 11 years they have decided to recreate the 1936 Olympics here in "Cool Britannia" and Brown is going to clean up Berlin sorry London. So rather than Roma who were the pet hate of the Nazi's back in 1936, its the motorist who will be arrested for straying onto roads they pay for. 

Remember that when you are hauled over and sent to a latter day Berlin-Marzahn concentration camp for re-education.

So here is how New Labour plan to set up "Zil Lanes"
More than 250 miles of road are to be reserved for VIPs during the London Olympics. 

Up to 80,000 officials, sponsors, politicians and athletes will have congestion0free lanes in London and at other venues. 

Ordinary motorists face fines if they stray on to the reserved routes, which include sections of the M25. Challenging the fines could lead to a penalty of up to £5,000. 

New Labour - "I want them all dead. I want their family's dead. I want their houses burnt to the ground. I want to go there in the middle of the night and piss on the ashes."

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