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Jon Mendelsohn - Apologist for dictator James Gordon Brown.

One of Gordon Brown’s chief aides is a senior figure in a lobby group that has attacked Vladimir Putin’s leadership of Russia as “corrupt” and “bullying”.

Jon Mendelsohn, the Labour party’s chief fundraiser, is a director of the Russia Foundation, a London-based think tank financed by expatriate opponents of the Russian prime minister and of Dmitry Medvedev, the country’s president.

Last week David Clark, the chairman of the foundation, told The Sunday Times that he had planned for Mendelsohn to help with fundraising. However, yesterday he said that Mendelsohn had “clarified” with him that this would no longer be possible....

May I just point out to Jon that at least Vladimir stood for leadership of his nation in an election and won - something that Mr Brown has not done. He was voted in, rather than taking over when the previous leader left.

It might also be worthy of note that Mr Brown has renaged on his promise of a vote on Europe, bottled on an early election, handed out high offices and peerages to cronies and business partners whilst doing nothing to tighten up on debt trading by the banks.

Does he not see it as amusing when Gordon who having no mandate from the people stands there on the podium in front of the brothers and sisters and bleats on about corrupt petty minded authoritarian dictators in other parts of the World.

Lets not forget that it was Gordon who came up for the bizarre idea of listening devices in lamposts to tackle terror crime? Petty and dictatorial methinks. 

Oh and ID cards.

Jon reminds me of one of those Nazi apologists, the sort of moonbat brained types who do the leacture tours and pop out videos and books denying that the bloody obvious happened and covering up their anti-semitic views.

He is quite happy to knock the government of Russia whilst unable to look into the blindspot that is Gordon's unelected leadership of the UK.

No doubt he agrees that Gordon did in fact "save the World."

New Labour a huge "gold standard cock-up", amoral, corrupt and evil to the core.

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