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MOD run for the benefit of political civil servants under New Labour.

Gordon gives MOD waste the thumbs up.
Well this comes as no surprise: link
Thousands of Christmas gifts are sent to UK troops abroad anonymously by the public to unnamed soldiers every year.

But Defence ministers are refusing to deliver them - warning that unsolicited goodwill parcels could put a significant strain on logistic supply chains and cost £19million to deliver.

The British Forces Post Office (BPFO) says the free mail service for troops on operations is intended only for the use of close friends and family.

Last year 21,000 sacks of unsolicited mail weighing 170 tons went to frontline forces.

But the Post Office was told in October only to accept parcels from families in the festive run-up.

So for all his shit about how he sees the troops as heroes, our Gordon government beancounters are quite happy to fuck over the troops on the front line. Expect some urgent soundbites from the mono eyed leader about saving the world and getting on with the job.

Oh and of course Sir Richard Dannat gets to live in Diana's apartment in Kensington Gardens, not quite the same as the slum housing that New Labours appointed beancounters in the MOD are happy for the troops to stay in.

Then we have the MOD spunking away a cool £15 million on hotels for it's civil servants. After all its not as if they are mere soldiers - Gordon's heroes - putting their lives on the line but rather far more important members of the political class.

Oh that would also be the self same MOD that spent £300,000 on just 8 oil paintings for it's refurbished offices. Far more important than improving vehicles to help prevent soldiers getting blown apart in wars started by New Labour.

That self same MOD which paid 41 million in bonuses despite huge waste:
News of the MoD bonuses come just a month after the department was accused a "gold standard cock-up" over the purchase of eight Chinook helicopters seven years ago. The aircraft are desperately needed in Afghanistan but are still sitting idle in hangars following a string of problems that have increased their cost to £422 million.
Some more on this helicopter fuckwittery:
The RAF took delivery of 8 Chinook helicopters at a cost of £259m. But the special purpose bespoke avionics the MOD in its wisdom had ordered were so dysfunctional they couldn't be used.

Now seven years after delivery and 13 after ordering they still don't work. At a total a cost of c£500m, they are still sitting in a Wiltshire shed. Even though our troops in Afghanistan are desperate for more helicopter support.

The National Audit Office has today issued a damning report, prompting PAC Chairman Lee to describe the whole mess as “one of the most incompetent procurements of all time”.

He went further: this is "a gold standard cock-up".
The same MOD that the Commons Public Accounts Committee exposed as totally inept, its 20 biggest projects some 5.9 billions over budget and more than 17 years behind schedule.

That phrase "a gold standard cock-up". is one that could describe the last 11 years of champagne socialist misrule.

New Labour are evil, amoral, corrupt to the core and any who offer support for them are as bad those who commit the crimes.

3 people have spoken:

JPT said...

'11 years of champagne socialist misrule'

Will we ever really recover from this?

Anonymous said...

Good questions JPT. News like this doesn't surprise me in the least. At every opportunity they get they trash those that protect them.

Merry Christmas Fido.

Anonymous said...

On the surface it does seem to be a miserable thing to do.
But consider the fact that our country no longer has a homogenius population. There are those in the country who would not think twice about sending a contaminated item to front line troops.

In fact some of our so called 'citizens' would think it their duty to do so.