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New Labour: Condemned by the Church of England.

Members of the clergy speak out against New Labour, 5 members of the Church of England speak out against the amoral Labour filth:
1.The Bishop of Durham said: “Labour made a lot of promises, but a lot of them have vanished into thin air. We have not seen a raising of aspirations in the last 13 years, but instead there is a sense of hopelessness. While the rich have got richer, the poor have got poorer.”

2. The Bishop Winchester is of the opinion that the Government has done precious little to help the poor, and refers to the abolition of the 10p tax rate as a ‘disaster’. He said: “It is imperative that this Government help the poorer people and hold the hard-hit communities in its sights, but it seems to have its eye on re-election instead.” 

3. And the Bishop of Carlisle accused the Government of ‘playing with people’s livelihoods’. He said: “I agree with the Conservatives that the breakdown of the family is a crucial element in the difficulties of our present society. He argued that Labour’s failure to back marriage and its ‘insistence on supporting every choice of lifestyle’ had had a negative effect on society. He said: “I think Labour has got tired.”

In short, Labour have led Britain to family breakdown, burgeoning debt, a growing divide between rich and poor, and a state of hopelessness. They have subordinated their moral and fiscal judgment to political opportunism.
4. The Bishop of Manchester has accused Labour of lacking integrity, of being ‘beguiled by money’ and being ‘morally corrupt’. He said: “The Government has acted scandalously.” They believe that ‘money can answer all of the problems and has encouraged greed and a love of money that the Bible says is the root of all evil. It is morally corrupt because it encourages people to get into a lifestyle of believing they can always get what they want’. 
5. The Bishop of Hulme is persuaded that Labour are ‘morally suspect and morally feeble’. He said: “It is unfair and irresponsible of the Government to put pressure on the public to spend in order to revive the economy.”
hat tip to archbishop cranmer for this one. Now all we need is a few Catholic clergy to join in, toss some Jewish and Moslem religious figures in the mix and give these socialists a good ecclesiastical kick to the bollocks.

They did famously say that they "did not do God", well it would appear that some of God's followers are not impressed with them either. Let us just hope that their flocks also vote against Labour and the one eyed leader come election time.

New Labour a huge "gold standard cock-up", amoral, corrupt and evil to the core.

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