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Teachers -So long freedom(GTCE draft new social/political code)

If you work for the state, you shall be owned by the state: Freedom and rights to different views to be outlawed.
Teachers in England will have to act as "role models" both in and out of school under a proposed new code of conduct.

They could face losing their status if they get drunk and into arguments while out socialising, or do not get help for drink or drug problems.

The draft code has been published by the General Teaching Council for England (GTCE).

GTCE chief executive Keith Bartley said the code set out to teachers that they had to consider their place in society.

Indeed no more shall we have any of that tiresome innocent until proven guilty nonsense. Far better to accuse people in communist style show trials of behaviour against the approved norms.

The document says teachers should "uphold the law and maintain standards of behaviour both inside and outside school that are appropriate given their membership of an important and responsible profession".

The GTCE said the behaviour of teachers could still be inappropriate even if it did not involve doing something illegal.

GTCE head of professional regulation David James said: "You might have an incident in a pub, someone has had too much to drink and there's been some pushing and shoving.

"It hasn't resulted in a criminal offence, but we would look at it in great detail. It is not something we would want teachers to do, but professionally would it have an impact on their registration status?"

You see should you fall fowl of these rules, not follow the doctorine of the New Labour left then you will face a show trial and although completely innocent in the eyes of the law face losing your job.

"On alcohol or substance abuse, he said: "We have the ability to impose restrictions on registration, ways you can remain as a teacher, but you must undertake some training, or counselling or you must give us a medical report."

So lets ask who defines alcohol abuse? Well they do of course, a piss up one night and your spotted doing something silly, maybe a clip of you having a laugh ends up on Youtube? 

No matter if the central committee decides you have acted outside of the norm then you shall be removed, be assured that they will find a way.

New Labour a huge "gold standard cock-up", amoral, corrupt and evil to the core.

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