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Nonces lost - 317 sex offenders were reported as missing or unaccounted for - If found return to Jacqui Smith.

Quite how fucking inept can policing get under New Labour.

First up they bitch like a bunch of stuck pigs at having to follow a ruling with regards deleting innocent peoples DNA off the database. 

Oh and lets not forget the criminals on the police computer system that for whatever reason have not been added to said database, not a peep on if when or if they are likely to be put on.

Now it comes to light that our bovine faced, slack jawed, lard arsed kebab eating Home Sec. and her plod have "lost track" of 317 sex offenders in the past 12 months.

So what with wall to wall databases, countless amounts of cash spunked away on PCSO's they cant even keep a track of the kiddie fiddlers.

No doubt when one of said nonces decides to smoke in the wrong place or drives 1 cunting mile over the speed limit he/she will be picked up by the boys & gals in blue.

I fucking dispair I really do.

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