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4 in 10 crimes not investigated: Jacqui Smith busy eating kebabs and police guarding her....

Jacquis plod giving up on crime.

Jesus fucking H, they really just don't give a flying fuck any more the New Labour scum. They figure that so long as a few worthless PCSO's wandering the streets and they have lots of flow charts and dodgy figures on knife crime then we can all go fuck ourselves.

Now it comes to light that our bovine faced, slack jawed, lard arsed kebab eating Home Sec. and her plod have "decided not to investigate crimes" -

The offences include sex attacks, violent robberies, harassment, burglary and drug incidents.

The Metropolitan Police, the country's largest police force, decided that more than half of crimes did not warrant full investigation as there was little chance of the culprit being caught, according to The Daily Mail.

**Although they can find a few spare plod fresh from a rascism awareness course to raid the offices of a Tory MP.

The Met said that in the 2007/8 financial year it "screened out" a total of 437,888 offences. These included 26,709 violent offences, 338 sex attacks, 5,562 robberies and more than 60,000 burglaries.

For burglary, the Met only investigates one in three cases reported to them. In Bedfordshire, which last year screened out 42 per cent of crimes, one in three burglaries do not get a full investigation, while in Norfolk, 113 sex attacks were among the 42 per cent of crime screened out.

Although the percentage of screened out crime falls for more serious offences the force still excluded 290 offences of violence, 12 sex attacks, 32 robberies and 16 drugs offences.
It was found that across the country, of the 16 forces who replied to a Freedom of  Information request, 39 per cent of crimes were screened out - an equivalent of 1.9 million out of the five million crimes reported.

A spokesman for Victim Support said: "Even if this process is justified by lack of evidence, the figures are likely to undermine confidence in the police among victims.

So what with wall to wall databases, countless amounts of cash spunked away on PCSO's they cant even be fucked to investigate crime any more. 

Still look on the bright side at least when you need a taxi you can get one of Bob Quicks finest to give you a lift to the pub.

2 people have spoken:

The Screech said...

....or FROM the pub straight into a cell....

Fidothedog said...

But that would mean actually working, something the police find themselves unable to do due to paperwork.