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Revolt in Guinea - World yawns.

Army revolt less than a day after the dictator dies. 

Some things are just so predictable with regards Africa. So no doubt we will have the now dead dictator replaced by another AK47 wielding thug going under the title of Prime Minister/General whatever, whilst grabbing all the resources and pleading for aid whilst doing so.

Another turd from the Turd World, circling the drain.

CONAKRY, Guinea – A military-led group seized control of the airwaves in Guinea and declared a coup Tuesday after the death of the mineral-rich West African country’s longtime dictator, but the prime minister insisted he remained in charge.

An Associated Press reporter saw three tanks and dozens of armed soldiers heading toward the prime minister’s office inside the country’s presidential compound.

Blah blah blah. Cue the new leader soon to be waving an AK47, holidaying in the finest hotels and flying on a private jet paid for by aid from European tax payers whilst adorned in a necklace of human skulls.

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