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Richard Roper I salute you. A man who paid his fine on bogroll!

Richard Roper, 63, of Long Melford, Suffolk, was instead ordered to spend just over an hour at the back of Sudbury Magistrates' Court.

Mr Roper staged his "peaceful protest" after receiving a £30 ticket for illegally parking his car across two spaces in Sudbury.

He sent in his fine carefully written across two sheets of toilet roll after his bank told him it was perfectly legal way to make a payment.

But Suffolk Police did not see the funny side, and took the matter to court to reclaim the £15 they said it would cost to process the unusual payment.

Mr Roper, a retired managing director of a pharmaceuticals company, told the court: "This is not a case of not wishing or refusing to pay but a case of the authorities refusing to accept my payment. What I did here, your honour, was done in good humour.

"My payment has been written on stationery which aptly reflects my feelings towards the system which I am unfortunately forced to support through my taxes."

This phrase "system which I am unfortunately forced to support through my taxes." is a rather polite and diplomatic way of saying full of shit. As I am out tomorrow I shall raise a glass to him.

Lets hope that every hard put upon citizen fined for minor infractions of the law by overzelous police, traffic wardens and the worthless jobsworth scum - known more commonly as PCSO's - takes a similar view towards paying their fines.

3 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

You can write a cheque on toilet paper! Never heard of that before. Good on him.

Only you Brits can come up with sophisticated ways to insult your enemies. Good on ya.

If it was us Aussies, i think there'll be something else on the toilet paper.

Fidothedog said...

That is one I have filed away for when I ever need it.

The loo roll chq will be written!

Anonymous said...

someone once wrote a cheque on a cow. (I read that somewhere a long time ago)
Should have used the bog roll first.