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Victimhood Poker: Fata Lemes tries for a payout hand.

From the Metro we have the latest hand of "Victimhood Poker."

A Muslim cocktail waitress has claimed she was sacked for refusing to wear a 'sexually revealing' dress at work.

Fata Lemes told a tribunal she was pestered for sex by drinkers at the Rocket bar in Mayfair, London, and that bosses allowed staff to be 'treated as prostitutes'.

When she was asked to wear the 'indecent' red dress, she refused and was immediately fired, she told the London hearing.

The 33-year-old, from Camden, north London, is claiming £20,000 for sexual harassment and discrimination.

Bar owner Spring & Greene is contesting her claims and insists the dress was a 'summery staff uniform'. A judgment is to be delivered early next year.

So she claims that she had to wear a uniform, that uniform which no doubt she was informed she would be wearing when she applied for the job. 

Also if she is such a "devout" moslem then may I just ask the question of what the fucking hell is she doing working as a "cocktail waitress" working with the demon drink, which is haram to use the moslem term.

Oh and I will also ask that if she is that "devout" in her religious outlook then why is she working with kuffir(unbelievers)

Well she has a Queen - a high value card due to her moslem status.
Add to that the non Christian card and 8 points as she is female and the "Asian" card can be played full rules can be found: here

6 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Exactly, i'm picking up the scent of yet another free-loader taking a chance at some free money.

Fidothedog said...

Exavtly, booze is haram and for a devout moslem to be working in a bar handing out booze shows she is trying it on.

David said...

Asian? Thought she was Bosnian.

Fidothedog said...

Asian is that term used by the BBC and pc types to describe all moslems.

Anonymous said...

You wanker. Asian is Asian. Bosnia is in Europe. And nowhere does it say devout.

Fidothedog said...

Oh dear, we have a beeboid leftie anonymous poster.

Asian the term used by the left to describe moslems, usually when moslems carry out acts of terror as part of their "religion of peace".

I called her devout as that is her argument, which holds about as much water as a true moslem handling haram booze to infidel kuffir; whilst at the same time complaining about dressing like a prostitute.

Oh and grow a set of balls anon and stop posting anon.