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Wakey wakey, here comes the New Labour: Hitler-Jugend.

A group of 30 pupils from an All Saints school are gearing up to become Wolverhampton’s first Junior Wardens.

The whole of year 5 from Grove Primary School, based on Caledonia Road, will participate in the scheme which is being run by the ABCD Neighbourhood Wardens in conjunction with West Midlands Police. Funding for the project has come from the West Midlands Police Community Initiatives Fund. Sergeant Glen Moseley from the All Saints Neighbourhood Policing Team secured the funding to buy uniforms and stationary for the Junior Wardens.

The aim of the scheme is to promote citizenship and to raise the young people’s awareness of their community, environment and the difference they can make. The junior wardens will undertake a series of lessons teaching them about different aspects of safety and how to be observant about what is going on around them. They will receive talks from a number of different people including West Midlands Fire Service, Police Community Support Officers and the council’s environmental team.

Senior Warden Simon Hamilton, who has organised the scheme said: “This is a great opportunity to teach some of our young people to think about what is going on the local area, how they can improve their environment and how to help prevent crime. We are extremely grateful to the police for funding this scheme and I hope that this is something that other schools can undertake in the future.”

**I wonder how long it is before they are given tasks like "reporting eco crimes", anti-social behaviour and disloyalty to the glorious one eyed leader Gordon Brown. 

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Anonymous said...

There are plenty of voluntary organisations who fulfil the same role like the Boy Scouts so why does the state need to get involved?

Anonymous said...

Speechless I really am.