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Tom Harris (The person I chose as cunt of the year) who said 'our citizens have never been so wealthy'.

Piss poor New Labour MP Tom Harris has done it again. 

He has attacked former PM John Major and is bleating about how bad it all was under the nasty baby eating Tories. 

Yet in the whole article he fails completely to defend his own parties piss poor record: the collapse of the pound, the fact that banks have had to be bailed out, companies fleeing these shores and record numbers of firms shutting up shop. 

He bleats on about the dark days of the ERM, something that Labour also supported -very loudly at the time - but he keeps damn quiet about that.

For those who don't know what John Major said it was this:Link
Gordon Brown was responsible for the economic 'train wreck' the country faced, said former prime minister Sir John Major on Sunday.
Mr Brown had squandered the growth he inherited as chancellor and it was ironic he now had to fix the problem as prime minister, said Sir John.
But back to Tom, why is he just such a cunt? Well lets have a look at the subject of liberties:link

This is all about the copy of 1984 that was sent to each and every MP in the House of Commons, link.

Anyway its re-cap time on Tom Harris MP. He made comments on his weblog some time back about how well we were all doing, live was just so spiffing and super. Tv's flying off the shelves of Tesco and Woolworths etc etc. Usual fucking political bullshit. 

'our citizens have never been so wealthy'.
Some more on his pearls of wisdom here and here.

Yet just a few months later we had the fiscal fucking shit storm called the "credit crunch" come and hit us one right in the nuts shortly after. 

Despite all the claims from Labour that its was all the Yanks fault, this was in part due to his parties inaction on excessive lending, his parties excessive spending and complete mismanagement of all things fiscal. 

Yet Tom shows no regret, he cares not a fucking jot. Not a fucking peep out of Tom over the many thousands of workers laid off thanks to his cunt of a boss being inept at his job.

Lets look at Toms voting record:
Mr Harris has previous made my cunt list for MP's who signed the 42 days detention. The list of MP's who voted yes to 42 days(the cunt list)

Oh and for the year 2006/07, cunny boy Harris screwed the taxpayers - that's you and me - out of £153,862 in expenses on top of his undeserved salary for doing sod all.

He also voted for covering up MP's expenses Tom Harris MP shows himself up to be a cunt again.

Oh and the authoritarian little fucker also voted for ID cards, which shows the authoritarian little shit to be a total cunt of the first order. Shame on the Rt. Hon Tom Harris MP and cunt.

“No more loathsome piece of flotsam has floated to the surface of Scottish New Labour than the lumpen piece of wood that is Tom Harris.” - George Galloway.
The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance. - Cicero - 55 BC

2 people have spoken:

Houdini said...

Whenever they bleat on about interest rates under Major, because of the ERM debacle that Labour supported and demanded we join, remind them that as many houses are being repossessed now, but at least then savers were able to get some money back. As it is now savers are dying and houses are still being repossessed with interest rates at 2% and falling.

Fidothedog said...

Just so true, sadly truth is something that Labour avoid where ever possible.