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Australian media baron leaves Gordon Brown.

Pic from Tractorstats.

The love affair between The Sun & New Labour would appear to be over:

Our banks turn out to be toxic money laundries.

Jobs are evaporating so fast that firms are planning emergency three-day weeks to save what’s left. The Pound is sunk and foreign investors are taking their cash home.

Only yesterday, we were the world’s fourth largest economy. Today we may be below 20th-placed Poland, which has properly regulated banks and is luring home thousands of our finest migrants.

Having just entered Recession, we are already heading straight for Depression without passing Go.

If the Tories were in power there would certainly be riots on the streets by now. I wonder why that is?

But would public protests persuade Gordon Brown to call an election?

For the moment the Prime Minister seems more worried about cartoons making him look “too fat”.

It would be better if he did call an election without being forced.

We need tough measures to save the British economy — such as cuts in the bloated state budget — not money-blowing tactics to save Labour seats.

Ministers don’t expect to win an election whenever it’s held.

What they fear now is a thrashing that would condemn them to a political lifetime in Opposition.

They are desperately searching for those fabled green shoots, a light at the end of the tunnel.

Well, there is one, but they won’t like it.

The silver lining to all this gloom is that Labour has been well and truly found out.

When this Government is ditched, as it so richly deserves, it won’t be able to complain it never had a fair chance.

After 12 long years, Labour can’t say they had too little time to make back-door Socialism work.

Having used landslide majorities to bully their experiment in social engineering into every nook and cranny of our daily lives, they cannot pretend they had one arm tied behind their back.

After inheriting a robust economy, they cannot claim they had no money. They could have used that time, power and cash to carry out all their 1997 election vows.

We would have a superb education system providing the skills and talent to drag us back to prosperity once this slump is over.

The NHS would have poured untold extra billions into world-class frontline services and eliminated murderous superbugs, instead of hiring more overpaid managers.

We would have reduced welfare rolls and helped the poor with real tax cuts instead of credits, which are welfare by another name.

That way, two million new British jobs might have gone to well-educated British workers instead of energetic migrants.

We’d have had an economy-boosting transport system — instead of John Prescott’s barmy rail renationalisation scam which set us back decades.

There would be real policemen fighting the rising tide of street violence instead of useless PCSO “scarecrows”.

And we would have a strong economy which did not rely totally on a corrupt banking system and an unsustainable consumer bubble.

We would have a properly regulated banking system and some cash in the kitty for what has turned out to be a very rainy day.

Gordon Brown was in charge of all these big spending programmes throughout the Labour years.

Most of that time he was basking in glory as Labour’s finest Chancellor.

Mr Brown is not immune to such flattery.

It will be hard for such a proud man to be rebranded as the worst Chancellor ever.

I will add this, first off The Sun although being right in what it said it is however a fucking tit rag and one I refuse to buy due to its employment of that utter fucking cuntbubble David "cuntbubble Blunkett the New Labour cuntbubble; just thought I should clarify this point: 
Gordon's problem is he thinks that the way to resolve the rapidly deepening economic crisis is via 'stimulus packages' with magic money plucked off the magic printing press.

With the ultimate of getting the banks to lend again and rebuild the very credit bubble and circumstances that landed us in the shit in the first place.

Like holding an alcoholics meeting in the local pub, you get full attendance but they all end up dead.

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Oldrightie said...

Good stuff, buddy. Do nip over to Sue's place. great image of Snotty!


JPT said...

The British economy is snakes and ladders and somebody just stole the ladders!