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Barclays shares down: Lets hope they go bust.

Here we see the Barclays Management hard at work...

Barclays in the shit, from samizdata
Bail-out fears hit banking shares' howls the BBC... "We know of no justification for the fall in share price. We are fully aware of our regulatory obligations and we have not said anything," said a Barclays spokesman in a statement.

Hehehe. Could it be that more and more people do not believe the shit that government and the mainstream media keep peddling any more? The 'bail outs' are consuming a larger and larger proportion of the world's ailing economies, with no end of 'bailing' in sight. Frankly why not bail out the porn industry? Why not 'bail out' every damn industry! Just print more money!

As for Barclays, well fuck them. Myself I speak as an ex-customer who left due their ineptitude, fuckwittery, lies, spin and inability to handle even the most basic of tasks like putting through direct debits correctly.

They were even unable to correct mistakes, or even to admit that they had made any mistake had even occured and this is the bit that still stings these fuckers even charged me for their errors.

Even when they paid me cash -after a few years of their fiscal fuckwittery - the scum never even had the common decency to use the word "sorry".

Well HM Govt may well want to piss good money away after bad in bailing this shit company out, but until they improve their day to day business dealings the problem will just keep on coming back like a bad smell.

They like the other banks made a packet chasing a pipe dream, ever expanding credit then trading on dirivatives based on packaging up debt and flogging it off, all based on the so called reality of ever expanding house prices. 

As for Gordon Brown well that fucking cunt fucking knew full well about debt problems in 1997, yes 19-fucking-97 the year they got to power. He has been warned God alone knows how many times since an now bleats that its all a "Global" problem. 

Throw record HM Govt spending into the mix and all we get from our PM is soundbites, he will be claiming that "some big boys did it an then ran away" next.

But getting back to Barclays here are a few examples of their "good business practice"...

All New Labour MP's are thieving lying scum, hiding their expense, expense paid for from our taxes. Part of a nomenklatura supporting a leader out of touch with reality.

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