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British jobs for British workers - Another fat Gordon Brown lie from the fat PM.

Protest by workers over the use of  foreign labour at oil refinery
Hundreds of angry oil refinery workers staged a mass demonstration today as a row over the employment of foreign labour escalated.

Around 800 people took part in the unofficial protest demanding 'British jobs for British workers' and there were signs that wildcat action could spread across the region.

They are furious that 400 Italian and Portugese workers are being brought in to work on a major construction project when UK unemployment is rising rapidly and there are plenty of available qualified local workers to do the job.

The Europeans are being accused of stealing their jobs.

Gordon who said a few months back 
"I think I'm the right person to take people through these difficult times."
He said about British jobs for British workers at the party get together, mumbled as part of his recession/credit crunch beating plans and yet...

Record numbers of work permits granted to foreigners

As the workers are EU citizens there is nothing that our bloated overweight fat cat PM can actually do without breaking EU employment laws.

Still they can amuse themselves when the lardy PM waddles in front of the cameras to issue some soundbites, play a game of New Labour wankword bingo.

Some more on his lies about British jobs for British workers here:

"If we want just one example of the absolute bankruptcy of this Government, let us take the slogan that the Prime Minister wheels out every week: British jobs for British workers. Yes, if only he could see how embarrassed his Labour MPs are, how they shudder when he utters those words. I have done a bit of work on this little slogan of the Prime Minister’s. The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions told us that there should be no doubt.

It is, he said,“explicitly a British jobs for British people campaign”.We asked the House of Commons Library, and it said:“There is apparently nothing in the detail of the proposals to suggest that foreign nationals will be excluded from any of the initiatives if they happen to live in the area where the locally based schemes operate.”

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