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Dumb Britain, life in Gordon Brown's New Labour run "Cool Britannia"

A cross-party group of MPs have said that as many as 17.8 million over-18s have poor literacy and 23.8m have numeracy skills below the level needed to get a good GCSE.

In a report, the Commons Public Accounts Select Committee said the country had an "exceptionally high number of people who cannot read, write and count adequately.

Right so what happened to all the money that has been spend since 1997, or is this just another case of failed New Labour money wasting.

As former PM & God botherer Blair said "This party will, ultimately, be judged on its ability to deliver on its promise. 

Gordon's problem is he thinks that the way to resolve the rapidly deepening economic crisis is via 'stimulus packages' with magic money plucked off the magic printing press.

With the ultimate of getting the banks to lend again and rebuild the very credit bubble and circumstances that landed us in the shit in the first place.

Like holding an alcoholics meeting in the local pub, you get full attendance but they all end up dead.

2 people have spoken:

Dungeekin said...

The drop in literacy and numeracy is all part of the LieBore Grand Plan.

Too illiterate to understand what the Government say, too innumerate to calculate what it will cost.


Fidothedog said...

I don't think they are actually competent enough to plan that out.