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Fuckwit of the day: Shopkeeper refuses to serve great-grandfather, 73, a toy catapult 'unless he could prove he was over 18'

Here we go again. A total lack of common sense, some drone decides that rules are rules an asks a chap of 73 for ID to prove he is over the age of 18.

From the Daily Mail:link
He is 73 years old, walks with a limp and has arthritis. He's also a grandfather of ten and the great-grandfather of nine.
So it seems safe to say it's been quite a few years since John Payne was asked to prove he was over 18 before being allowed to buy something.

Until, that is, the keen angler went to a tackle shop to buy a £1.50 catapult to fling bait into rivers.

Mr Payne was stunned to find the shop assistant was insisting the plastic catapult could only be sold to adults with valid identification because it could be used as a weapon in the hands of a teenager.
Right now this bit I found amusing, the crap excuse. You know the score, someone gets caught out and rather than admit a fault they have to dream up an excuse:
...A spokesman for the Original Factory Shop said: 'I am sure the assistant was having a bit of fun with the customer and did not seriously expect him to show identification.

'But this does prove that our staff are very vigilant about asking for identification.'
Oh come on, pull the other one it has bells on.

2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Shit. I got a catapult like that from the Pound Shop saved 50p there. Oh and also a great big sharp knife. And enough chemicals for a small IED. (If Bryll Cream could be used for that)

Our man's in the wrong shop.

Fidothedog said...

True anon, pound shops sell all the best crap.

I think that store will see a dip in sales after the Daily Mail covered its fuck up.