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Samir Abu Hamza - tells Australians: 'Husbands should be allowed to rape and beat their wives'

Islam marching ever forward into the dark ages with its ever so tolerant attitudes towards half the human race:Link
A Muslim cleric has sparked outrage by telling his followers it is acceptable to rape and beat their wives.
Samir Abu Hamza, who runs an Islamic centre in Melbourne, ridiculed Australian laws banning forced sex within marriage.

Hamza told a male audience in Sydney: 'Amazing, how can a person rape his wife?'

He added that wives must immediately respond to their husbands' sexual demands.

The firebrand preacher also said a man was entitled to use 'limited force' as a last resort to punish a disobedient wife.
I wonder if his views would be approved of by a Dutch court, or is just those who speak out against Islamobarbarians who end up being prosecuted.

Oh and another semi evolved barbarian so represtative of moderate Islam's outreach program or Al-Qaeda as its more commonly known one Al-Libi demanded terror attacks in Britain and the US to avenge Israel invasion of Gaza, "Make them taste the misery of horror."

I wonder if the Dutch courts are planning any action over that hate speech?...

3 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

where do I sign up ?

Anonymous said...

Dude you must be very familiar with the term sensationlising , because you appear to be an expert. I have heard the sermon while i disagree with his perspective i equally dislike the way he is being ostracised.One would think no one from christian background ever ran rampant with christianity in Australia. Why is it when this speech is coming from an ethnic background the first yell is of deportation? Last time i checked making a statement didnt threaten the threshold of a country. when a leading news paper concludes "ship him back" then it is down right offensive. When a person becomes an Australian citizen they are entitled to exactly similar treatment as an anglo saxon would be in this situation. A white doc once refused to sign the prescriptions for pills he wasnt told that he needed to be shipped back. why the obvious double standarads?

Fidothedog said...

Anon just wait for them to take over then try complaining.