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Graham Stringer, MP for Blackley: Dyslexia is a myth.

Un-fucking believable. just when you think you have heard the best - by best I mean of course worst - in verbal arse water from Labour MP's; yep one turns up to beat that. 

So yet again another champagne swilling socialist out of touch with reality opens his maw to admit a huge steaming pile of verbal arse gravy(Not the BBC words by the way).
A Labour MP has claimed dyslexia is a myth invented by education chiefs to cover up poor teaching methods.

Backbencher Graham Stringer, MP for Blackley, describes the condition as a "cruel fiction" that should be consigned to the "dustbin of history".

He suggests children should instead be taught to read and write by using a system called synthetic phonics.

But Charity Dyslexia Action said the condition was "very real" to the 6m people in the UK affected by it.

Writing in a column for website Manchester Confidential, Mr Stringer said millions of pounds was being wasted on specialist teaching for what he called the "false" condition.

This dull bastard reminds me of the late Peter Cook as the mad PM blathering on about pixies causing unemployment. 

He is also a cunt for having voted for 42 days. Is that what we pay the huge index linked salary's of MP's for? This arse also cleared a cool £123,829 in expenses for the year 2006/07.

Now as I have met and know several people who have had their lives blighted by dyslexia I shall take issue with his remarks, advise that were he to meet them he would see he was wrong in all he has said and that they would be deserving of a full apology from him.

Of course he will not apologise, at least until enough pressure has been put upon him by Gordon or the party. Lets just hope that come election time the voters issue him with his P45 and elect a better MP to represent them.

I however shall just call him a cunt.

New Labour a huge "gold standard cock-up", amoral, corrupt and evil to the core. Run by nomenklatura supporting a leader out of touch with reality.

3 people have spoken:

Sue said...

The man is a complete idiot. I have bouts of it now and again (we all do) and I know people who are dyslexic. Infact, those kids suffering from it are usually really bright ones, which is why spending extra time on them is crucial!

If he is not sure what he is talking about, he should keep his thoughts to himself.

My children's school tried synthetic phonics which only served to confuse them even more. I had already taught them to read "actual" words and felt my efforts were being undermined by a useless system.

Houdini said...

Kwight furriken lite...

JPT said...

Peter Hitchens says the same (about dyslexia - have I spelt that right?) funnily enough.